Rogue One

After the original Star Wars (A New Hope) this second piece of the Disney studio is the best ever Star Wars movie. I had a good opinion also about The Force Awakens last year so let's say I am someone who doesn't mind that Disney continues the saga.

Why I like Rogue One?

- More realistic than any other Star Wars movie. I remember in the 80's we loved the sound effects, the tiny details and the creation of a new Universe. Disney raised this to a new level. Vehicles are dirty, the scenes show not only a shiny future but a lot of suffering, too.
- People die, even the loved ones. Ok, since the Game of Thrones we learned that story lines and schemes are changing nowadays. And if even Star Wars, that has been always the fairy tale of fairy tales, is able to make this step it's really something. We enter to a rough world (I mean in the reality) and better to get used to it (in our fairy tales, too).
- Rogue One gave a weight to"A new hope" by showing how many sacrifices are behind even a small success.

I also want to emphasize Ben Mendelson in the movie. I saw him in Bloodline last year and he impressed me a lot with his extremely controversial character. A saw a little bit of this ability of him in this Star Wars movie, too.

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