The Force Awakens

I would give 8/10 to the movie. Acutally I liked it very much. I do not mind that Disney took over ther saga as technically and visually it became much much strong and better than the three previous Star Wars movie.

The strongest impact on me was however the appearance of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil in the movie. The meeting of Princess Leia and Han Solo was not only a meeting of two movie characters but suddenly I felt myself flying back to 1983 and I met my own childhood, too. Thank you for that moments, whatever we think about the movie its obviously became part of our life.

But basically I like the movie as a movie, too. Some says its a fairy tale. Yes it is, as majority of the highly valued ancient Greek dramas that we consider nowadays as a heritage of the human history. Star Wars is a modern (Greek) drama.

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